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Something for our Not Registered for GST Users

20 December 2012

We recently had an enquiry regarding the invoice title ie “Tax Invoice” and how not registered for GST businesses should not be issuing a tax invoice, but a normal invoice (that’s what the ATO call it). So in tonight’s release you can now customise the title of your invoice.

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Customise your invoice and sales preferences

4 December 2012

Last week we added some new features to customise your invoices and speed-up the create and edit an invoice process.

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Email invoices with new Cc and Bcc fields

15 November 2012

Two days ago we got a customer request to add ‘Cc’ and ‘Bcc’ fields to the ‘Email Invoice’ screen.

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Business activity reports

16 October 2012

In September we concentrated our efforts on several new features. One of these new features was a new report to help you with your Business Activity statements for the ATO. If you click on the reports menu, you will see 2 new options to generate an activity report on your GST. The simplest of these reports is the summary, which will show you the 6 values that most simple businesses need to complete their BAS. These are the total amount of sales and purchases made, plus the amount of GST collected or paid and any tax free sales and purchases that we made.

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What is Cash and accrual reporting methods?

30 September 2012

The Australian Taxation department also call this Cash and non-Cash accounting methods. I’ll see if I can simply explain the difference between these 2 methods.

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Sack the tax man and find your own tax breaks

27 June 2012

As the old saying goes there are only 2 things certain in life, Death and Taxes. So why do we expect these certainties to change, why are we trying to fight them. The government is running a much larger business with many more directors and shareholders. With the latest budget not handing too much out small businesses, we have been given the cold shoulder and told find the money where you can because we are not going to hand it out.

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Easy steps to improve your social networks

27 May 2012

Social networking has been an integral part of almost everybody’s personal or business lives. People have accounts in many social networking sites as they can possibly have. The most popular sites facebook, twitter and linkedIn allow you to share all kinds of content, including status updates, photo’s and videos. Businesses can harness these networks to promote themselves and gather customer and public feedback on their products and services. Word of mouth has been one of the best ways to acquire new customers for small businesses, the introduction of social networks now mean that word of mouth advertising is much more viral.

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Top 5 Things I Could Do to Increase My Brand

11 May 2012

How Could I Increase My Brand?

Business should know how to brand themselves. Branding can help businesses gather customers and make past customers stay loyal to your brand. But how will you increase your brand?

Things To Do And Consider

Here are the five important things you have to do and consider to increase your brand.

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The Importance of Sole Businesses in the Australian Economy

3 May 2012

Sole businesses are businesses with only one owner. Many businessmen and women engage in this type of business because in here, there’s only one boss, no employees to deal with and all profit goes to only one person which is the owner.

Unlike in a corporation where you have to deal with so many other owners, in a sole business, you have the only power to make decisions. You also have the single right to operate your business and manage it in the way you know. However, as a sole owner of your business, you are also subjected to all of the responsibilities and obligations. When things go wrong you cannot ask somebody else to solve the problems for you. Instead, you only have yourself to blame and to depend on. As a sole trader, you are also entitled to pay tax in your own right as a fraction of your income and at individual rate of your income tax. But with proper management and wise decision making, you can expect that your business will never face such big problems.

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How Can Plumsale Save Me Time

25 April 2012

Managing your own business does not only require your knowledge and skills but most especially requires your full attention and time. It’s your business so of course, no one can manage it better than you do. But with so many things to handle to be able to keep your business running, will you still have time for yourself? For your family? And friends as well?

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