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Save time on Data Entry with your Product Catalog

23 April 2013
Author: Jason

Sick of typing the same line items over and over again. Then we have a new feature that will save you plenty of time. Our new Product Catalog will allow you to maintain a list of products and services that you sell and/or purchase. When creating a sale or purchase record, we will auto complete the item fields as you type.

As an extra bonus we will also auto complete the price, GST preferences and the catagory you have chosen for this catalog item.

To start using this great new feature, click the ‘Settings’ then the ‘Product Catalog’ sub menu.


This will list all your products and services you have created. Adding a new product is simple, click ‘New Product’ and complete the simple form including the product description, this will be the line item on your sales and purchase screens. If you wish this item to have a default tax preference, price or catagory then fill those in too.

Open Invoice Report

Now for the time saver, next time you go to create a new sales invoice you will notice we will provide you suggestions as you type. This will also work for purchase records.

Open Invoice Statement

These features are available now and we hope it will save you valuable time. Your feedback is always welcome on