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Sack the tax man and find your own tax breaks

27 June 2012
Author: Alexandra

As the old saying goes there are only 2 things certain in life, Death and Taxes. So why do we expect these certainties to change, why are we trying to fight them. The government is running a much larger business with many more directors and shareholders. With the latest budget not handing too much out small businesses, we have been given the cold shoulder and told find the money where you can because we are not going to hand it out.

Time and time again I see micro and small business owners wasting their time and money on tasks that have nothing to do with their core business. With 62% of businesses with no employees and another 35% of businesses with less than 20 employees. The majority of businesses do not have departments and teams to look after all aspects of the business, they are doing it alone.

The problem is that most solo business owners do not have the time or the skills to find a better way, they are budget constrained, time and knowledge poor on any tasks outside their profession. The main time waster we see and the one that can ultimately improve the strength of their business is account keeping. By streamlining your invoicing, and getting a better idea of where your money is going and coming from, businesses have the opportunity to save thousands.

Solo business owners have several options to help organise their business, they can purchase software that is designed for accountants and bookkeepers. Most then get overwhelmed and resort to outsourcing to a bookkeeper. They can use excel, this is the convenient option as it comes with most computers nowadays. There are still some old school people using notepads and invoice books from newsagents and office supplies.

You can run a business from exercise books or using the Microsoft office suite of products, but you will find your time is consumed managing paper and tracking data. Reporting and analysing your data is something that you feel is not achievable without risking a good work and life balance. These older methods also have no safeguard over losing these records, or if a virus corrupts all your data.

You can continue with these inefficient ways if you want but there are other options. Plumsale is a SaaS product or most frequently known as software as a service, it is a software application that lives in the cloud. Plumsale lets you keep an eye on your business records wherever you are. It will allow the user to have access to the business accounts from every computer that has an Internet connection. You will be able to generate invoices and email them whilst out on the job, no paper or pen needed. By the way it works great on the iPad for those more mobile businesses. It is secure, data is encrypted when it arrives on our servers, so there is no way for others to hijack and see your data.