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Why You Can't Ignore Social Media

19 July 2013

Nowadays when you first start a business – one of the first questions you get asked is “Are you on Facebook or Twitter?” to which most people answer yes because they have just created a fresh Twitter handle or a spanking new Facebook page. The inner shame of not knowing how to use those platforms is usually not mentioned at that point.

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Easy steps to improve your social networks

27 May 2012

Social networking has been an integral part of almost everybody’s personal or business lives. People have accounts in many social networking sites as they can possibly have. The most popular sites facebook, twitter and linkedIn allow you to share all kinds of content, including status updates, photo’s and videos. Businesses can harness these networks to promote themselves and gather customer and public feedback on their products and services. Word of mouth has been one of the best ways to acquire new customers for small businesses, the introduction of social networks now mean that word of mouth advertising is much more viral.

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Top 5 Things I Could Do to Increase My Brand

11 May 2012

How Could I Increase My Brand?

Business should know how to brand themselves. Branding can help businesses gather customers and make past customers stay loyal to your brand. But how will you increase your brand?

Things To Do And Consider

Here are the five important things you have to do and consider to increase your brand.

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