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New! Quotes

29 April 2014

We’ve just launched a new feature to create, send and followup on quotes to help you win more business.

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New! Time Tracking

4 November 2013

Now you can track all your time based services and quickly add them to invoices.

It’s as easy as adding a new task to your products and services catalogue which saves you typing them over and over again when recording the time for the task against a customer.

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New! Record Sales Item Quantities on your Invoices

31 July 2013

We’ve just released a new feature to add quantities to your invoices. For each sales item you can now tap in the quantity and unit amount and have it calculate the total for that item and any required GST.

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Save time on Data Entry with your Product Catalog

23 April 2013

Sick of typing the same line items over and over again. Then we have a new feature that will save you plenty of time. Our new Product Catalog will allow you to maintain a list of products and services that you sell and/or purchase. When creating a sale or purchase record, we will auto complete the item fields as you type.

As an extra bonus we will also auto complete the price, GST preferences and the catagory you have chosen for this catalog item.

To start using this great new feature, click the ‘Settings’ then the ‘Product Catalog’ sub menu.


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Send Statements to Customers who owe you money

6 March 2013

We’ve just released a great new feature to help you identify and contact customers who owe you money.

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Something for our Not Registered for GST Users

20 December 2012

We recently had an enquiry regarding the invoice title ie “Tax Invoice” and how not registered for GST businesses should not be issuing a tax invoice, but a normal invoice (that’s what the ATO call it). So in tonight’s release you can now customise the title of your invoice.

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Customise your invoice and sales preferences

4 December 2012

Last week we added some new features to customise your invoices and speed-up the create and edit an invoice process.

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Email invoices with new Cc and Bcc fields

15 November 2012

Two days ago we got a customer request to add ‘Cc’ and ‘Bcc’ fields to the ‘Email Invoice’ screen.

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Business activity reports

16 October 2012

In September we concentrated our efforts on several new features. One of these new features was a new report to help you with your Business Activity statements for the ATO. If you click on the reports menu, you will see 2 new options to generate an activity report on your GST. The simplest of these reports is the summary, which will show you the 6 values that most simple businesses need to complete their BAS. These are the total amount of sales and purchases made, plus the amount of GST collected or paid and any tax free sales and purchases that we made.

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Introducing Plumsale

15 March 2012

My business partner and myself started a software development company in 2006 called Avantic Software, mostly consulting and we got to build some pretty cool products over the last few years. We needed a project of our own, something that would get us out of this consulting game and a product we can call our own.

We had both been annoyed over the last 5 years on the lack of great and simple tools to help manage small businesses. We have both worked for large organisations that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on Accounting, Billing and Customer Relationship products. There are also some very good software packages for medium sized businesses, if you are willing to spend up to and over a thousand dollars a year. There is nothing out their for the micro to small business, unless you are a big fan of excel.

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