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Send Statements to Customers who owe you money

6 March 2013
Author: Jarrod

We’ve just released a great new feature to help you identify and contact customers who owe you money.

You do this by first running a simple report called ‘Open Invoice Report’. This report will show all invoices that are considered ‘Open’ when they have an outstanding or overdue balance.

To access this report, click the ‘Reports’ menu and press the ‘View Report’ button next to the ‘Open Invoice Report’ section.


This report lists all the customers who owe you money and will also tell you the amount and how long they are taking to pay your invoices. To take a closer look at any customers open invoices click the ‘View Open Invoice Statement’ link.

Open Invoice Report

On the statement screen you can download and print the statement or you can email your customer the statement to remind them of outstanding or overdue invoices.

Open Invoice Statement

These features are available now and we hope they will improve your cash flow. Your feedback is always welcome on