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Happy 1st Birthday Plumsale!

12 March 2013

Plumsale turns one today and to mark the milestone we would like to thank all our customers who have given us the privilege to help their small businesses. Also a big thank you to our supporters.

You have all helped us to grow and improve Plumsale.

We’re excited to share some of the new features we have planned for the coming year!

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The Importance of Sole Businesses in the Australian Economy

3 May 2012

Sole businesses are businesses with only one owner. Many businessmen and women engage in this type of business because in here, there’s only one boss, no employees to deal with and all profit goes to only one person which is the owner.

Unlike in a corporation where you have to deal with so many other owners, in a sole business, you have the only power to make decisions. You also have the single right to operate your business and manage it in the way you know. However, as a sole owner of your business, you are also subjected to all of the responsibilities and obligations. When things go wrong you cannot ask somebody else to solve the problems for you. Instead, you only have yourself to blame and to depend on. As a sole trader, you are also entitled to pay tax in your own right as a fraction of your income and at individual rate of your income tax. But with proper management and wise decision making, you can expect that your business will never face such big problems.

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How Can Plumsale Save Me Time

25 April 2012

Managing your own business does not only require your knowledge and skills but most especially requires your full attention and time. It’s your business so of course, no one can manage it better than you do. But with so many things to handle to be able to keep your business running, will you still have time for yourself? For your family? And friends as well?

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Is it good to have a “Cash-only” Business?

21 March 2012

Last week I created 5 top reasons why I should accept Eftpos. Today I am going look into the benefits of having a cash only business.

A lot of small businesses operate as “cash only” business since cash is considered the most frequently accepted and accurate mode of payment for a business. With the advances of technology, business owners are recently facing the predicament whether they should contnue limiting payment options or not.

If you consider continuing to have a cash only business, here are some of the benefits that will surely be a relief to you.

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Introducing Plumsale

15 March 2012

My business partner and myself started a software development company in 2006 called Avantic Software, mostly consulting and we got to build some pretty cool products over the last few years. We needed a project of our own, something that would get us out of this consulting game and a product we can call our own.

We had both been annoyed over the last 5 years on the lack of great and simple tools to help manage small businesses. We have both worked for large organisations that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on Accounting, Billing and Customer Relationship products. There are also some very good software packages for medium sized businesses, if you are willing to spend up to and over a thousand dollars a year. There is nothing out their for the micro to small business, unless you are a big fan of excel.

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