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Why You Can't Ignore Social Media

19 July 2013

Nowadays when you first start a business – one of the first questions you get asked is “Are you on Facebook or Twitter?” to which most people answer yes because they have just created a fresh Twitter handle or a spanking new Facebook page. The inner shame of not knowing how to use those platforms is usually not mentioned at that point.

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Top 5 Things I Could Do to Increase My Brand

11 May 2012

How Could I Increase My Brand?

Business should know how to brand themselves. Branding can help businesses gather customers and make past customers stay loyal to your brand. But how will you increase your brand?

Things To Do And Consider

Here are the five important things you have to do and consider to increase your brand.

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5 Online Tools Every Small Business Owner Needs

12 April 2012

Businesses nowadays are indeed using the Internet to advertise their products or services, to promote their brands and to encourage people to come and visit their business. From resorts to car shops, name it and you’ll have it. They are using the internet, specifically the social networking sites, blogs as well as forums to be able to spread everything about them. With the advent of the ever continuing innovations being made, it is really a huge move for improvement and for more profit to have an online site where people can see the things you offer. To do that, here are the 5 online tools every small business owners should take into consideration.

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5 Best Online Australian Communities to Help Run My Business

6 April 2012

With the advent of huge development made on the World Wide Web, it has greatly affected all the different types of businesses. It is indeed a necessity nowadays to have a website, a blog, or even a page on social networking sites as well as being a topic in forums and other opinion gathering mediums like portals as well as high profile blogs. It will not only help your small business to be more popular but also to earn more and it will also help to improve their product or service to gain the loyalty of their customers. In Australia, these online communities have also been of much help in the improvement of all the aspects of small businesses. From, product and service improvement to marketing strategies, online communities have already created a big impact to them.

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Top 5 Reasons Why I Should Offer Discounts For Early Payments

17 March 2012

Why are vendors willing to offer discounts for early payments?

For businesses to evolve, different marketing strategies are applied. And most likely, almost all businesses nowadays encourage customers to have early payments by offering trade terms, i.e. qualifying the customer to avail a certain percentage of discount if he is able to pay within 10 days knowing that his balance is yet to due in 30 days from invoice’s date. Scenarios like that are already familiar to consumers.

Vendors offer discounts for early payments for some reasons.

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Top 5 Reasons Why I Should Accept Eftpos

14 March 2012

Is there any good in accepting eftpos for your business?

Having a business is a great blessing especially when an owner knows the right strategies to run his business. And one of the concerns would be whether a business should accept eftpos as payment or not.

Accepting eftpos for your business has many advantages.

1) Convenience

Since many people nowadays prefer paying with eftpos over cash, purchasing will be more convenient on their part. Eftpos systems are now accepting debit cards as well. It appears to be an advantage because if your customer doesn’t have cash but wants to purchase from your business, allowing them to pay via cards simply increases your sales.

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